Parenting Tips

Understand Feelings of Others
  • Help children name feelings
  • Identify feelings they see in others
  • When reading together, ask your child how they think the characters feel
  • Play “feelings charades”- take turns making facial expressions and naming the emotions
  • Read book about friendship and talk about what makes a good friend.
Learn To Share
  • Use a timer so everyone gets to play with a favorite toy
  • Put away items your child doesn’t want to share during a playdate, like a special stuffed animal 
  • Lead by example; let your child see you share
  • Celebrate success - when you see your child sharing, let them know what a great job they did
  • Play games that encourage turn taking like throwing a ball or a board game
Express Feelings
  • Praise your child for identifying emotions
  • Stay calm and show your child empathy when strong emotions arise
  • Teach problem-solving to manage emotions
  • Blow some bubbles for “calm breathing” when your child is anxious or upset
  • Reflect and say back what you hear your child say- “I understand you’re mad it’s time to leave."
Establish Routines
  • Make routines consistent and predictable
  • Teach your child how to be flexible - sometimes there may be unexpected interruptions in their routine
  • Have a bedtime ritual
  • Make a meal together part of your routine, a great way to spend time together at the start or end of your busy day
  • Create a weekly chose list for the whole family
Get Along
  • Create opportunities to play with other children
  • Let children try to resolve problems on their own
  • Teach your child how to trade
  • Do a puzzle! A fun way to practice working together and taking turns
  • Model good manners; use “please” and “thank you.”
Show You Care
  • Tell them you love them
  • Let them help you, even if it takes longer 
  • Spend time together
  • Give your child the gift of your full attention - read a bedtime story every night
  • Tell your child one thing you love about them everyday
Build Relationships
  • Make time every day to play with your child
  • Respect your child’s feelings
  • Schedule playdates with other children
  • Read books about friendship and talk about what makes a good friend
  • Let your child teach you about what interests them
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