Family Pre-Screening

Family Pre-Screening

Pre-screen to optimize your child’s medical visits

Have you ever been to a doctor’s appointment with a young child? SO much to do, so little time.

ALL the forms, undressing, dressing again, of COURSE they need a diaper change, and ALL the questions.

I get sweaty just thinking about it.

One important part of those early visits is to check in on how the child is growing, learning, and interacting with their world, and to complete a screening tool that will help identify any potential developmental concerns. Folks in the “biz” call this developmental screening. A screening provides a quick look at how your child is doing in important areas, such as communication, physical ability, social skills and problem-solving skills. It can sometimes be a real struggle to get through this (brief) questionnaire during the child’s appointment – see above – let alone have time to chat with their medical provider about anything that you may want to share.

What if families could complete the developmental screening tool ahead of the visit so there is one less “task” to complete during that busy office visit?

Sounds dreamy, right?

Here’s what we are testing out:

Child developmental specialists at our Help Me Grow Vermont (HMGVT) contact center are pilot testing the Ages and Stages developmental screening online system. First, families receive a unique web link that will allow them to securely fill out a brief questionnaire related to their child’s development. With family permission, the results can be shared with the child’s health care provider to be reviewed during their upcoming appointment.

In addition to completing the developmental screening questionnaire, HMGVT staff will support families with any questions or additional supports related to their child(ren).

This pilot is just getting rolling this Spring so stay tuned to hear about what we learn.

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